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Com Port To Tcp Server

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  Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0 (Shareware) by ELTIMA Software GmbH
  Serial to Ethernet Connector is ... software solution developed to share serial port devices over TCP/IP network. Thus, any serial port device connected to COM port at local PC ... the attached serial port device sends communication data it will ... actually transmitted over TCP/IP network. Such behavior is achieved due to the use of virtual serial port technology which emulates standard COM ports. In that case ... treats virtual serial ports in the same ... no longer limited to just two real ports (any number of physical ports you have) per ... and may create COM port connections without occupying any real serial port. Formerly known as VSPD.Net, Serial to Ethernet Connector has a completely new interface and ... It allows you to use three different types to connect to remote computer. The first type is port-to-port connection, which lets you connect two computers through TCP/IP network. In this ... cable connection. Serial to Ethernet Connector allows you to customize remote serial port settings locally or ... type is the port-to-TCP client, which allows you to connect to remote server and send/receive communication serial data over TCP/IP network. Once connection ... from remote serial port device, attached to the server, will be genuinely delivered to local serial port where it can ... type is the port-to-TCP server which allows you establish multiple connections to local serial port device and redistribute COM port device data all over the world. Server listens to all incoming connections at the defined TCP port and redirects input/output serial data to TCP/IP network. Serial to Ethernet Connector can ...
Com Port To Tcp Server, Port To Port Connection, Serial Over Ethernet, Serial Port To Tcp, Share Serial Port Over Tcp Ip, Virtual Null-modem
Size: 3.9 MB Price: $99.95 OS:  Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0 Download

  COM Port Splitter 3.5 (Shareware) by Virtual Serial Port Software
  COM Port Splitter establishes serial ... data transmission between COM-ports and applications, or ... kind of serial port devices.When Splitter is used to split only real ports and connects them to other physical serial ports, no virtual ports are created. Virtual serial ports are based on ... and are used to connect several applications to the same COM-port. Splitter creates several ... copies of a COM-port. Applications refer to corresponding virtual ports (for instance, COM2, COM3), which send data to the real COM1 and to a connected device ... data a real port receives from the device is transferred to the applications via virtual ports. Serial Splitter splits one com port (either real or ... of the original port in the system ... it splits real COM1 into virtual COM2, COM3, COM4 ports. To create a pure virtual ports pair you might ... via a serial port (COM1) to a computer. The software on the receiving computer takes the text from the serial port, and prints some of it to a video file. Using COM Port Splitter one-to-many ports splitting, this information ... viewed from several computers or applications. COM Port Splitter joins any number of COM ports into one serial port, allowing information from several devices to be received by ... single application connected to the port at the OUT ... hosted on 100 computers. Via null modem ... delivered from these computers to a PC with ... On this PC COM Port Splitter joins com-ports and sends all dataflow to a one virtual serial port. Single application receives ... of a 100 server hosts simultaneously.
Null-modem Communication, Serial Port Splitter, Serial Port Splitting Tools, Serial Split, Serial Splitter, Share Serial Port, Split Com Port
Size: 2.3 MB Price: $99.95 OS:  Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download COM Port Splitter 3.5 Download
  Comm Tunnel (Freeware) by Serial Port Tool
  Comm Tunnel is a free tool to connect endpoints. It ... any of serial port, TCP/IP server, TCP/IP client or UDP ... will be forward to anther fourt endpoints ...
Com Port, Communication, Debug, Ip, Rs 232, Rs232, Rs232 Debug
Size: 44.5 KB   OS:  Win2000 , Windows Vista
  Serial TCP 1.1 (Freeware) by CommFront Communications
  The Serial-TCP program bridges your existing Serial COM port and TCP/IP without the need ... of the Serial-TCP program include extending ... and TTL, etc.) communication distance via TCP/IP; expanding the capability of your existing TCP/IP control software; and analyzing TCP/IP and COM network with the ... Address/Host Name', 'COM Port State LEDs', and 'Data Logging' tools and features. The Serial-TCP program is also ... developing your own TCP/COM control software. The Serial-TCP supports all major ...
Ip, Over, Rs232, Rs422, Rs485, Serial, Serial Port
Size: 3.9 MB   OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista
  Serial Com Port Monitor 5.0 (Shareware) by COM Port Software
  Serial Com Port Monitor displays, logs ... any application. This tool is ideal to monitor serial communication, all data that is sent to and received from serial RS232/422/485 port, all events that are sent to port by an application ... data representation, easy to navigate and customizable ... supplemented with flexible com port configuration and terminal ... mode make Serial Com Port Monitor the best ... will be able to monitor, track, log ... serial device. Serial Port Monitor connects to a com port, opened by any ... through the monitored port will show in this monitoring tool. Everything is captured ... the monitoring data to the defined file ... all recorded data to a clipboard. Serial Port Monitor gives you the ability to intercept and record ... it. Also, Serial Port Monitor provides you with the ability to send data of ... can modify serial port settings, such as ... whatever you need to follow the work of serial port. Serial Port lets you choose ...
Advanced Serial Port Monitor, Com Port Monitor, Monitor Com Port, Monitor Serial Port, Port Monitor Software, Rs232 Analyzer, Rs232 Port
Size: 4.6 MB Price: $69.95 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download Serial Com Port Monitor 5.0 Download
  Advanced COM Port Redirector 4.0 (Shareware) by ELTIMA Software GmbH
  Advanced COM Port Redirector is a ... that allows you to redirect all data ... from one serial port to any other serial port no matter whether first port is virtual or real one. Second port, created by this ... of the first communication port (except its name ... on the same computer. You will find COM Port Redirector helpful, when ... some conventional serial port device or an ... modified. Usually real COM ports available in your system (COM1/COM2 or COM3/COM4) may not satisfy ... resolved by Advanced COM Port Redirector that creates additional (virtual) serial ports which you may ... All data sent to redirected COM port would be received by redirection port and vice versa. COM Port Redirector by Eltima enables complete data stream redirection from the specified COM port to any virtual one ... physical links. Advanced COM Port Redirector is the ... that enables serial port redirection functionality under ...
Advanced Com Port Redirector, Create Virtual Serial Ports, Data Stream Redirection, Redirect Data Streams, Rs232 Redirector
Size: 1.4 MB Price: $49.95 OS:  Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download Advanced COM Port Redirector 4.0 Download
  Advanced Virtual COM Port 2.3 (Shareware) by KernelPro Software
  Advanced Virtual COM Port is the first ... and network virtual COM port functions. It can share your real COM ports or it can create virtual COM ports and connect them ... or through a TCP/IP network or the ... You can connect to a shared port and use it ... machine. Virtual serial ports created by the ... Main features: - Virtual COM Ports appear to the system and ... real ones - Virtual COM Ports work like real ones - 64-Bit compatible (AMD64) - Hot Virtual COM Port creation and removal (no need to reboot the computer) - Once created, Virtual COM Ports persist in the ... them - No need to have physical serial ports (except for the physical ports sharing function) - Higher ... on hardware serial ports - Up to 255 Virtual COM Ports can be created ... emulation supported - Easy port state monitoring - Ability to temporarily remove all ports without losing their ...
Com, Driver, Internet, Lan, Network, Port, Serial
Size: 1.4 MB Price: $79.98 OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003
Download Advanced Virtual COM Port 2.3 Download
  Comm Operator (Shareware) by Serial Port Tool
  Comm Operator is a professional communication software for Serial Port, TCP/IP, UDP, I2C, HTTP ... boost the speed to design, development, debug ... software applications, client-server applications, as well ... relay boards, Electronic Total Station, Global Positioning ... SMTP protocol etc. Complex structure data can ... can be created to a COP file ... by our Freeware Comm Operator Pal. * For system designer, Comm Operator will save ... time and money to build prototype. The ... be done with Comm Operator only. The ... and hardware engineer, Comm Operator can simulate ... deploy the system, Comm Operator is the right tool for unit test ... For support work, Comm Operator can create ... and help customers to fix problem in communication layer easily.
Auto, Com Port, Communication, Debug, Http, I2c, Ip
Size: 3.4 MB Price: $99 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64
  Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.1 (Shareware) by Eltima Software
  Turn your computer into a terminal server using Serial to Ethernet Converter with its amazing capability to share serial devices ... network. With Serial to Ethernet solution you’ll have a complete access to any device attached to a COM port from any place ... was physically connected to your local machine ... sent by a COM port device is transferred over TCP/IP network. Windows OS ... the virtual serial ports for real ones due to our virtual serial port technology that can ... behavior of standard COM ports. There is no ... of physical serial ports or/and COM port connections you can ... physical, virtual serial ports don’t occupy the ... ones. With RS232 to Ethernet software you will be able to: share COM port for incoming connections, connect the port to a remote computer, and share your serial port over UDP. Since ... Connector offers a completely new user interface that is sure to provide genuinely easy ...
Com Port To Ethernet, Rs232 To Ethernet, Serial Over Ethernet, Serial Port Over Lan, Serial To Ethernet, Serial To Ethernet Connector, Serial To Ethernet Converter
Size: 4.7 MB Price: $259.95 OS:  Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , Win2000 , Windows Vista
Download Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.1 Download
  Comm Echo 1.0 (Freeware) by Serial Port Tool
  Comm Echo is a free debug tool for serial port (RS232), TCP/IP and UDP port communication. It works like ... wall for serial port, TCP/IP sever, TCP/IP client and UDP ... All available serial port on computer. Features: Dispaly all ... format Support Serial Port, TCP/IP Server, TCP/IP Client and UDP ... all available serial port on computer.
Com Port, Communication, Debug, Ip, Rs232, Rs232 Debug, Serial Port
Size: 44.2 KB   OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista
  ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit 2.0 (Shareware) by ActiveXperts Software
  Serial port toolkit to enable applications or scripts to communicate with a modem or other serial port device. This ActiveX control features full com port control, binary and ... platforms and development tools are provided. ActiveComport ... a serial interface (com port): a printer, a ... network device, a computer, a weight indicator ... to view online samples ...
Activex, Asp, Asynchronous, Com, Com Port, Comport, Modem
Size: 1.0 MB Price: $149 OS:  Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit 2.0 Download
  Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0 (Shareware) by Eltima Software
  ... of Virtual Serial Port Driver by Eltima ... is creating virtual COM port pairs. Virtual serial ports created in VSPD ... they were real ports and are taken ... applications. Via these ports serial applications can communicate with each other ... The data written to one virtual serial port can be instantly ... other. Virtual serial ports created in VSPD support all serial port settings, strict baudrate ... lines. After virtual COM port pair was created ... can see these ports in Device manager, moreover these ports are available automatically ... startup, even prior to logon. Virtual Serial Port Driver is available ... who are going to use it in ...
Com Port Emulation, Create Virtual Com Port, Emulate Rs232 Port, Virtual Com Port, Virtual Serial Port, Virtual Serial Port Driver
Size: 5.3 MB Price: $139.95 OS:  Windows 7 , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , Win2000 , Windows Vista
Download Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0 Download
  ActiveXperts Serial Port Component 3.1 (Shareware) by ActiveXperts Software
  Serial Communication component to add serial communications to your Microsoft Windows software. Communicate with a modem ... serial device. The component features full com port control, binary and ...
Asp, Com, Download, Modem, Mscomm, Port, Rs232
Size: 3.1 MB Price: $255 OS:  Windows
Download ActiveXperts Serial Port Component 3.1 Download
  Serial Port Tester 7.0 (Shareware) by Virtual Serial Port Software
  Serial Port Tester is a professional software tool that enables you to conduct serial port tests on all ... your system's RS232/422/485 COM ports. All of our system's serial port activity can be ... can test multiple com ports at once and use the tool to compare the sessions. Debugging RS232 ports as well as ... devices using the port can be accomplished ... assistance of Serial Port Monitor. Data transmission ... monitored using this tool. Serial Port Monitor can also ... issues between your computer's COM port and peripheral devices ... serial (RS232/422/485) data communication control networks and ... device. In addition to enabling you to test your serial ports, any software or ... working with that port can also be monitored. Complete details and parameters ... making it possible to analyze, debug and ... serial connections. All COM port types, including standard onboard ports, SERIAL-via-USB ... and extension board ports are fully supported by the Serial Port Monitor application.
How To Test A Serial Port, Serial Port Test, Serial Port Tester, Test Com Port, Test Serial Port
Size: 9.2 MB Price: $69 OS:  Windows 7 , Win7 x32 , Win7 x64 , Windows 8 , Windows Vista
Download Serial Port Tester 7.0 Download
  Look RS232 4.3 (Shareware) by fCoder Group
  ... RS232 is a tool for debugging computer connection with peripheral devices using COM port, such as modem ... etc. Its easy to use interface guarantees ... easy work with Com-port. Look RS232 can send data through COM port, receive data from ... outer device through COM port, it has port indication as well ... kbit/s, it supports commands of COM port program control. Look ... received data and commands in ASCII, BIN ... time link (relating to COM port activation). Look RS ... with system initiated COM ports regardless of whether ... e.g. VS-Com (Roadrunner) PCI-800H 8-port PCI.
Com Port, Debug, External Device, Monitor, Rs 232, Rs232, Serial Data Transfer
Size: 1.6 MB Price: $49 OS:  Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download Look RS232 4.3 Download
  COM Port Stress Test (Freeware) by AGG Software
  ... puzzled by having to stress-test COM/RS232 ports and see no easy way to do that, make ... you don't miss COM Port Stress Test, as ... what you need! COM Port Stress Test is a compact and affordable tool for testing COM, RS232 and RS485 (with converter) ports that generates an ...
Size: 1024.0 KB   OS:  Windows , Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows 2003 , Windows Vista
Download COM Port Stress Test Download
  Comm Operator Pal (Freeware) by Serial Port Tool
  Comm Operator Pal is a free tool to test and debug RS232 devices that communicated with serial port, TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP ... check-sum calculator. Comm Operator Pal data ... is created by Comm Operator. Operating ...
Com Port, Communication, Debug, Debug Software, Rs-232, Rs232, Serial Port
Size: 1.5 MB   OS:  Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista
  Phone Dial by PC (Shareware) by Infonautics GmbH
  ... RS-232 connected to the PC com port. Phone numbers can ... serial interface, the commands can be executed ... can be tested completely in advance. Features ... interface RS-232, com ports COM1 toCOM8. - Operation by customizable ...
Com Port, Com1, Com2, Com3, Com4, Dial, Dialing
Size: 488.3 KB Price: $20 OS:  Windows XP , Windows Vista
Download Phone Dial by PC Download
  COM Port Toolkit 3.5 (Shareware) by Michael Golikov
  COM Port Toolkit is an integrated serial communications testing toolkit. It sends user's data to and receives one ... records all transfers to a log. You ... test equipments serial communications protocol by hand ... by other developers to automate some specific ... modifications and etc. COM Port Toolkit's scripting language is ... defined functions. It combines the power and ... use with the COM Port Toolkit software. Some scripts ... application's examples directory. COM Port Toolkit can capture serial communications between the device ... using special serial port driver. So COM Port Toolkit acts as a ... in this mode. COM Port Toolkit works on Windows ...
Size: 1.2 MB Price: $29 OS:  Windows , Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows Me , Windows NT , Windows 2000 , Windows XP
Download COM Port Toolkit 3.5 Download
  FlexiHub 3.3 (Freeware) by Eltima Software
  ... that allows you to access and manage USB and COM port devices remotely over ... numerous USB and COM port ports and devices connected to the computers in the network ... even overseas. Different computers with your USB and serial port devices attached appear ... also invite others to access and work ... easy for you to figure out what device you need to connect to - a printer, phone ... also allows you to secure a device ... not want others to access your sensitive ... seen by other computers. Thanks to advanced security for communications - FlexiHub uses 256 ... reduces traffic by compressing the data. Starting ... the advanced option to chat directly to other users logged ... You are welcome to sign up for ...
Access Remote Usb, Com Over Ethernet, Com Over Network, Network Usb Port, Serial Over Network, Serial Port Over Network, Share Com Port Over Network
Size: 6.7 MB   OS:  Windows XP
Download FlexiHub 3.3 Download
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